Despite its recent popularity in mainstream culture, many people are hesitant or unsure of how to begin applying the law of attraction to their daily lives. While the concept has been around for centuries, not until recently has it garnered quite a bit of attention and interest.

Many find they are afraid that if they put faith in the concept, they will ultimately be disappointed. In the same token, it’s quite common to find that although they are interested, many just aren’t quite sure how to retrain their brain to think in a more positive manner.

Applying The Law Of Attraction

While it would be lovely to be able to simply change your way of thinking overnight, the truth is that as with anything else in life, most people will find that their chance of success is greater if they walk before they run.

The majority of people who have successfully begun applying the Law of Attraction to their daily lives have found that the best way to re-train their way of thinking is to start small and work their way up. As with any lifestyle change such as dieting, starting an exercise regimen or quitting smoking, retraining your brain takes a bit of time, effort and practice – but have faith in the fact that the results are well worth the effort.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction

To get started, take out a piece of paper and write down the things about your life that have you feeling frustrated or that you’d like to change. There are no rules here – your frustrations can be something as simple as wishing that your neighbor’s dog would stop chewing your newspaper, to something as extravagant as wishing you could finally take your dream vacation to Bora Bora.

Remember: there is no one here to judge you and there are no limits – this list is yours and yours alone, so don’t hold back!

Next, pick something on that list you feel is the most attainable – something that you would have the easiest time believing could come true. It doesn’t have to be monumental or life-changing – perhaps it’s something as simple as being able to afford a visit to your favorite restaurant next month. Once again, put all fear of criticism out of your mind and remember that your goal is for your mind only – there is no judgment here.

Next, spend some time thinking about your goal. Write down affirmative statements such as “I can’t wait to attend my favorite restaurant next month!” and begin to really believe in your heart that you will attain your desire.

Begin to really fantasize about how good you’ll feel once you attain this goal. Perhaps this means picturing what you’ll wear when you visit your favorite restaurant, what you’ll order, who you’ll take with you, how much you’ll enjoy your meal and what a wonderful meal it will be.

If you’re a visual person, create a collage of things associated with your goal. At first you may feel a bit silly putting so much energy into such a small goal, but remember: you’re simply using this as a practice exercise for bigger and better goals, so banish any hesitance or negativity from your mind.

When applying the Law of Attraction, it’s important to remember one thing: everything must be stated in a positive matter. For example, you should never think “I hope I’m not too broke to go to my favorite restaurant next month” – the key phrase in that statement is “too broke”, thus that’s the energy you’ll be putting out into the universe.

Even statements such as “I hope I will have enough money to go to my favorite restaurant” can be ineffective. Instead, keep your affirmations short, succinct, and as positive as possible, for example “I can’t wait to visit my favorite restaurant next month!”

Repeat these law of attraction exercises every day, as often as you can – and don’t lose faith! Success with the Law of Attraction is all about knowing beyond doubt, feeling the emotions associated with attaining your desires and above all, gratitude for enjoying the object of your desire.

Once you have achieved your goal (because we know you will, right?) move on to bigger and better goals. When you have mastered the ability to manifest positive things into your world, keep moving upwards – remember, when you are applying the law of attraction, the sky’s the limit!

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